Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hidden Secrets of The Roman Catholic Church

The word Catholic means universal. And, the Roman Catholic Church, which touts itself as the one true faith, is a universal church. It is the largest Christian denomination in the world claiming about six billion adherents. It is also the biggest single denomination in the U.S. and all of Latin America. It wields great power both politically and as a moral force. But, because of its political and social stands and because of its hypocrites and contradictions, it is steadily losing ground, especially in Western nations and among the young. It is frequently seen as a reactionary force and a bunch of old men who are out of touch with reality and modern thinking. The following may shed some light on why that is.
Changing Stands on Abortion 

Most people believe that the Roman Catholic church's position on abortion has remained unchanged for two thousand years. Not true. Church teaching on abortion has varied continually over the course of its history. In 1140, Gratian compiled the first collection of Catholic canon law that was accepted as authoritative within the church. Gratian's code included the canon Aliquando, which concluded that "abortion was homicide only when the fetus was formed." If the fetus was not yet a formed human being, abortion was not homicide. In 1581, Pope Gregory XIV revoked the 1588 Papal decree of Pope Sixtus which mandated excommunication and death for both the abortion provider and the pregnant woman. Gregory XVI instated a "quickening" (fetus moving can be felt by the mother) test, which he determined happened 116 days into pregnancy (16½ weeks). Up until the "quikening" could be felt, the fetus was not consider alive and could be aborted. It remained the official church position until 1869. Only since 1869, did the Catholic Church maintain that life began at conception.
                                        Married Clergy

The notion that Roman Catholic priests cannot marry has not always been church policy and is not always enforced today. The first priests were married and Peter, who is considered to be the first "Pope" had a mother-in-law. It was not until The Middle Ages when married clergy became too expensive to maintain and drained money from the power-hungry bishops and Popes that married clergy was forbidden. In modern times, Catholic priests were permitted to marry in the former communist Czechoslovakia and possibly in China today. And, today Anglican priests who become Roman Catholic priests are permitted to keep their spouses.

Gay Married Saints

Saints Sergius and Bacchus were both soldiers in third century officers in Roman Army. They were married to each other in a Christian Church in the ritual of Adelphopoiesis ("brother-making", euphemism for "lovers" ). They were martyred and are saints. Their feast day, October 7, is still celebrated in the Eastern Rite Orthodox Catholic Churches and the Roman Catholic Church has never contradicted their sainthood.
A Female Pope

From the mid-13th century onwards, the story of a female Pope was widely disseminated and believed. She was Pope JohnVIII (John Anglicus) who was Pope for two years, seven months and four days. Today, she is referred to as Pope Joan or Joanna. Bartolomeo Platina, a scholar who was prefect of the Vatican Library, wrote his Vitæ Pontificum Platinæ historici liber de vita Christi ac omnium pontificum qui hactenus ducenti fuere et XX in 1479. The following is his account of the female Pope:
Pope John VIII: John, of English extraction, was born at Mentz and is said to have arrived at Popedom by evil art; for disguising herself like a man, whereas she was a woman, she went when young with her paramour, a learned man, to Athens, and made such progress in learning under the professors there that, coming to Rome, she met with few that could equal, much less go beyond her, even in the knowledge of the scriptures; and by her learned and ingenious readings and disputations, she acquired so great respect and authority that upon the death of Pope Leo IV by common consent she was chosen Pope in his room…. This story is vulgarly told, but by very uncertain and obscure authors, and therefore I have related it barely and in short, lest I should seem obstinate and pertinacious if I had admitted what is so generally talked. I had better mistake with the rest of the world, though it be certain, that what I have related may be thought not altogether incredible.
The Catholic Church dismisses the story of a female Pope as just a legend

Papal Infallibility

Papal infallibility is a dogma of the Roman Catholic Church which states that by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Pope is preserved from even the possibility of error but only in matters of faith and morals. This doctrine was defined in the First Vatican Council in1870. The notion of Papal infallibility was rejected by many German, Austrian and Swiss Catholics who broke away from the church and formed their own Catholic Church. The notion of Papal Infallibility has been rejected by the Eastern Orthodox and Anglican Churches, and by every Protestant denomination. A few present-day Catholics, including priests, refuse to accept papal infallibility as a matter of faith. A recent (1989–1992) survey of Catholics from the United States, Austria, Canada, Ecuador, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Peru, Spain and Switzerland, aged 15 to 25 showed that 36.9% accepted the teaching on papal infallibility, 36.9% denied it, and 26.2% said they didn't know it even existed.

Papal infallibility is an odd notion which was made up by Pope Leo IX and is nowhere stated or implied in sacred scripture. It is made even more suspect when one takes into account the many instances of contradictions from one Pope to another. For instance, as a matter of faith and morals, Pope Gregory IV permitted abortion through the 16 week of pregnancy, but his successor Pope Pius IX changed the policy to zero tolerance of abortion. Clearly, something is wrong when both Popes were "infallible". (Maybe, one was more "infallible" than the other!)

War on Science: Since the Renaissance, The Catholic Church has indulged in a war on science. Typical of this is the fact that Galileo was forced to retract the idea that the Earth revolved around the Sun. It was not until 1992 that the church expressed "regret" over its handling of Galileo and admitted fully that indeed the Earth revolved around the Sun. But, the war on science continues concerning DNA research, birth control, infertility, dealing with death and coma issues, stem cell research, etc.

Other Items:

 In the Spanish Civil War, the Catholic Church sided with the Fascists.

In Central America, the Catholic Church sided with the wealthy patrons against oppressed and poor peasants. It silenced priests who believed in "liberationist theology" the aim of which was to make the lives of the poor better.

The Papal nuncio (ambassador) to Germany when Adolph Hitler came to power was Cardinal Pacelli, the same man who became Pope Pius XII. In 1938, he referred to the Jews as those "whose lips curse [Christ] and whose hearts reject him even today. Although as Pope he denounced Nazi ideology, he never publicly denounced the genocide of the Jews by the Nazis. And, Pope Benedict XVI ( a former member of Hitler's Nazi Youth and now the current Pope) reinstated a prayer for the conversion of the Jews, a prayer that is offensive to the Jewish people. He did so over the objections of the Jewish community leaders.

In the United States, bishops have instructed priests to tell parishioner from the pulpit in some churches to vote Republican and let Republicans distribute pro-Republican leaflets directly outside of the church doors.

Bishops regularly threaten ex-communication and denial of communion to politicians who are in favor of a free choice when it comes to abortion. Abortion is contrary to church teaching, but so is capital punishment and unjust unprovoked war. No politician has been threatened with excommunication or been denied communion who is an advocate of capital punishment or has voted for or supported a clearly unjust war such as the Bush war of convenience which claimed 600,000 lives in Iraq.

The Catholic bishops and The Vatican covered up the pedophile priest scandal. Both Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger (who became Pope Benedict XVI) were prime movers in the cover-up. And, as a reward for his attempts at covering up the scandal, Cardinal John Law of Boston was promoted and transferred to Rome where he lives a life of luxury immune from prosecution for the cover-up.

The Catholic Church often violates its own creed and teachings. For example, it teaches that there is only "one baptism" and anyone, Catholic or not, can perform it. Yet, the Pope re-Baptized former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Apparently, there are two baptisms, one Catholic and all the others. It is an in-your-face insult to the sacrament of Baptism.

And by the way, Jesus was not a baptized Catholic. His "holy name" wasn't even Jesus. It was (in English) Joshua. So, in spite of the Roman Catholic Church's name change to the Feast of the Holy Name which is celebrated on January 1, it is really not a feast day set aside to honor the name Jesus or Joshua. What took place shortly after Jesus was born was not a naming ceremony. It was a Jewish ritual circumcision. Believe it or not, Joshua-ben-Joseph (aka, Jesus) was born a Jew and died a Jew. And, no amount of rhetorical games played by the Roman Catholic Church can change that fact.


  1. I think you inadvertently overstated the number of Roman Catholics.

  2. The Catholics have used Religion to control the masses, & be an authority over people. They claim "divine authority" in changing things such as the "actual" sabbath/Holy day, the day of rest to focus on & connect/worship God. Kepping the sabbath day "sat." Holy 1 of 10 commandments. Another commandment they don't keep, you shall not make for yourselves any idol,weither in the form of anything in heaven or that is in the earth beneath,or that is in the water that is under the earth. (all Graven images or idols) which catholics adapted from pagan worship.You shall not bow down to them & worship them, for I Your Lord God am a jealous God. Also, Jesus says there is no way to my father (God) but through me. The only mediator between man & God is Christ. Not Catholic fathers, priests or bishops have any divine authority from God nowhere in the Bible that says they have to relay messages to God for us. We can have our own personal relationship with God & speak with in Jesus' name. They are not the only ones that God hears, in some instances they may actually need us to speak to God for them. Lots of ?questionable? Rumors, actions from some...