Monday, September 12, 2016

Three Poems by Unknown Authors

Untitled For The Hopeless
All my dreams are gone, 
They took off in the wind.
Just like all the songs no one finished.

Nobody is kissing, 
Everyone is sighing, 
Tired and worn out from another useless day.

Every tear is done, 
No hugs for anyone, 
Just another song about another hopeless cause.

I no longer wish to live, 
In this world of broken promises, 
Where loved ones live in lies, then slowly fade away.

I just want to die, 
And hope there's some sort of heaven: 
Over the rainbow, lie down in meadows.

There's nothing left in the world.
All my dreams are gone; 
I'm useless without them sleeping with me.

Goodbye, you stupid world, 
Living for nothing, hoping for something, 
When all you have to do is die to get your way.

I'm leaving tonight, 
While the stars are bright, 
So they can catch me in my tears
And fly me straight to heaven.

*                   *                    *

My Three Lovers

I cannot remember Yesterday, 
He went away.
I asked him what the trouble was, 
He would not say; 
Just looked at me with a cool kind of conviction, 
Wishing things were different, 
As he slowly walked away.

Oh! How today bores me! 
I can read his mind! 
Certainly don't have yesterday's
He told me straightforwardly
Oh! He loved me so! 
But I told him that it was 
Time to go.

Now, Future has a sacred face, 
He sneaks and sneaks around.
When I wish to never see his trace, 
He lingers for a mile.
He whispers sad tales of mediocrity, 
But sometimes makes me dream.

Oh! Where are you Yesterday? 
I'm holding out for you.
There's nothing I want more than
You, Yesterday.
All I want is you. 

*                     *                     *


I wonder if the trees can hear me
When I scream aloud, 
Or if the dandelion screams, 
When I pick him out.
There's no telling where life can take us; 
One day I'm a blade of grass, 
But today I am myself-
Nobody else.
Life chooses for me to be me. 

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