Saturday, November 12, 2016

Important Neglected Artists, No. 34

Régis Pettinari

Régis Pettinari is a modern painter who was born in 1962 into a family originally from Italy. He is a graduate of the National Superior Fine Arts school of Paris. His art takes us on a poetic and nostalgic stroll through a dreamy and luminous Paris.

He reveals a vibrant sensitivity through his fully mastered technique, his sure hand, his delicate line together with an ever accurate composition and an incomparably refined palette. Like a number of artists who have found Paris an irresistible subject, Pettinari has a special fascination with the Seine, the beautiful river on which the city was founded, and around which much of the activity at the heart of Paris still revolves. In the Seine, its varied quays, boats and barges, beautiful bridges and surrounding architecture, Pettinari finds endless inspiration. His compositions explore the area’s range of moods - in sun, overcast, rain, snow, and all manner of light and shadow.

Pettinari’s work is more painterly than it might appear in small reproductions. In recent posts, he has been working smaller and looser with a more painterly surface. His paintings can feel casual and relaxed, they are founded on strongly geometric compositions, a solid grasp of linear perspective, sensitive value relationships and a subtle handling of color. He invites us to share the moments and places that touch him. The harmony in the colors and his light brush stroke create a truly authentic emotion for the public. Thus, Régis Pettinari's art delivers us the soul of a timeless Paris, city of poets.

Awards :
1987 - Award, City of Auxonne juried exhibition
1989 - Award, City of Belfort juried exhibition
1992 - 2nd prize, Paris Academy of Fine Arts drawing competition

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Paintings of Paris by Régis Pettinari

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