Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Four Poems by Shaun Shane

Biography of Shaun Shane
Shaun Shane is a pseudonym. His real name unknown.

There have been few men whose work is so well known and as highly acclaimed and yet whose personal life is as shrouded in mystery as that of Shaun Shane in the History of Poetry. Shane's career first began in the early 1980's, publishing in small presses and doing famously standing room only readings while, it is rumored, he still was a Philosophy Major at Yale. When his work quickly came to the attention of the Literary Critic and host of the Public Radio Program, Poetry In Our Time, the host, Harvey Alexander, was so struck with Shane's work, he began to feature it prominently on his radio program. The filmmaker, John Waters, a close friend of Alexander's, was greatly impressed with Shane's work as well, arranged a meeting between the two which became the beginning of a longstanding friendship between the two of them.
But, Shane, to the great shock of his following, Alexander and Waters abandoned public life in his late-twenties, disappearing without a trace. Though the reasons for his disappearance remain unclear, he has never addressed them, there are no records of his doing any readings or publishing for nearly two decades. However, he suddenly he made a reappearance in 2008. It is rumored that he had become terminally ill and his re-emergence was to reinforce the ethic of pure poetry or truly modernist poetry which he felt had been betrayed by the inept and poorly executed attempts at post-modern verse by so-called poets and pseudo poetry of  before his disappearance. His reappearance was brief and took the form of publishing in independent and small presses as well as showing up in open microphone readings mostly in New York City. It is believed (if he is still alive) that he lives on the West Coast, because his last appearances were around the L.A. and the San Francisco areas. After that, Shaun Shane mysteriously disappear again. 

He has released two collections of his poetryA Poem is Nothing and Intangible Certitude. 

*         *          *
Four poems by Shaun Shane

As A Flower Towards The Sun
by Shaun Shane

as a flower towards the sun
she sprung from ground then won
a place in fairer air

whereby the sun admiring there
in humble defeat declared
even with all my brilliance
to such brilliance
i can't compare

*                *               *

02 Sip And Dip

by Shaun Shane

to sip and dip 
a bird will tip
it's beak into a bud

lap and lick the center quick
if lucky catch a bug

but if no treat of sweet or bug to eat
forlornly tweet

oh what cheat
for woe to me
so as my hope
the bud is beat

*                *               *

09 I Hate Man

by Shaun Shane

i hate

but it's
hard to be
the thing
you hate

for i
i find
i keep

just like

*                *               *

Earth Is Hell

by Shaun Shane

all in a heap

is a lawn of
grass to me

for all i see
is war and hate


and misery

by all those things
that squirm
and bite
and buzz
and live
amongst that sea

of nature's saber-edged

that earth is

and a
violent place
to be 

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