Sunday, January 22, 2017

Neglected Important Artists, No. 37

Louis Buisseret

Louis Emile Antoine Maxime Buisseret was born on Marsh 24,1888, in the Belgian city of Binche. His training at the Academy of Mons (Bergen) led by Greuze and Motte and in Brussels under the tutorship of Richir and Jean Delville. He was a painter, a draughtsman and an engraver of portraits, woman, nudes, interiors, mythological compositions, genre scenes in the Intimist, Symbolist, Post-Impressionist and Art Deco style. He won the Prix de Rome for engraving in 1911.He had a muted color palette and is often described as the most Latin among the Walloon (Belgium) painters. He was a good friend of the artist Anto Carte. In 1918, Louis Buisseret became an art teacher and from 1929 through 1949, Buisseret was the director of the Academy of Mons, Belgium. His paintings can be seen in museums in  Brussels, Antwerp, Li├Ęge, Tournai, Mons, Binche, Barcelona,  Madrid, Riga, Indianapolis, and at the Louvre in Paris, France. Louis Buisseret died on May 25, 1956.

Louis Buissert

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Paintings by Louis Buisseret

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