Sunday, January 1, 2017

Playing with Words

Words Meanings That Are Not What They Seem To Be

Rice paper contains no rice.

French fries originated in Belgium, not France.

Great Danes come from Germany, not Denmark,

Ten-gallon hats hold only six pints of water.

Koala Bears are not bears. They are marsupials.   
Mountain Goats are not goats. They are small antelopes.

Fireflies are not flies. They are beetles.

The funny bone is not a bone. It is a nerve.

Jackrabbits are not rabbits. They are hares.

Shooting stars are actually meteors.

Prairie Dogs are not dogs. They are rodents.

Guinea Pigs are neither pigs or from Guinea.They are South American rodents.

Catgut is not made from cats. It is made from sheep.

Lead pencils contain no lead. They contain graphite.

Glow Worms are not worms. They are beetles.

The Horned Toad is not a toad. It is a lizard.

Bombay Duck is not duck. It is dried fish.

Turkish Baths originated in Ancient Rome and not in Turkey.

Silkworms are not worms. They are caterpillars.

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