Monday, February 6, 2017

A Poem About President Donald Trump

A Poem About President Donald Trump
by Carmine Giordano

*              *               *

The New Colossus

Well, here he is, America:
Your bright-eyed boy,
your bad seed, your freak child,
the vulgar mirror of your worst self
spawned between the legs
of your bigotry and greed.
He strides the land
like a marble dumb colossus,
his gaze is blank, 
he's pitiless as sun,
his ignorance--passionate, intense.
Your foul-mouthed, kick-ass wonder child,
promises to make you great again,
wall out the toxic foreign born,
refine like Bessemer, the nation's dross,
throw out the tempest-tossed.
He bears your genes, America.
Master of slaves, Assassin of the native born,
Meddler of the nations. - He'll do you proud. 
Land of the free - he'll keep away the teeming masses.
Home of the brave - he'll execute the office,
preserve, protect and defend to the best of his ability

the sacred color of your founding fathers' skin.

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