Sunday, April 2, 2017

Two New Poems

Two Poems
by Carmine Giordano

*                    *                    *


It always gets better after the rain
after the storm has bared the branches
and upended the legs of trees 
and the wind has blown down 
all the stems and constructs of the world
and unsheathed all of its skin.

You know this because--
after whatever the worst is, happens,
you are still there--whole, entire--in the ruin of it
and you can still breathe
and light can still enter and sound reach you
and you can still walk the length and breadth
of what is left of what you knew before
and your hands can open and close
grasp the plow, furrow the land, 
sow seeds in the upturned earth, 

*                    *                    *

Canterbury Tale

Spring has come 
ambling into town again,
yawning and nubbing 
the branch-ends of trees, 
suppling the frosty earth
like a puppy's paw,
putting a fuzz 
everywhere on things
like the soft down 
on a young boy's lip.
The air is sweet 
with hyacinth
and blue hydrangea.  
Birds call back and forth 
in the morning's lavender.
The blood stirs--

There are journeys
that must be taken.

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