Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Amazing Photography of Andrew Graham

Andrew Graham

Andrew (Drew) Graham is a photographer who was once asked to write an introductory statement. He wrote the following:

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my art! I hope what you find here is pleasing and perhaps in some small way gives you something to take with you. On that note, if you find nudity offensive, please go no further.

I graduated from college with a degree in graphic arts. At the age of six, my parents gave me my first camera and I have had some sort of camera ever since. In 2001, I purchased my first digital SRL camera. This opened up a new world for me and allowed me exploration on many levels.

I am a 30+ year graphic artist by profession, but my love is photography and creating art. I love fine art nudes. The body is an amazing art form, so changeable with pose, light, mood, the energy of the day, and the relationship between model and photographer... so many variables, which make for challenge, yet hopefully for magic.    

I want to thank the models who have posed for me. It is an honor and a privilege to work with those beautiful people, and who have so helped me along my journey. I am grateful for the support I have received from family and friends.

Largely self-taught, I rely on an art sense rather than photographic technical skill. For my digital manipulations I use a combination of Photoshop, Illustrator, and layers of textual images I have shot. This makes for complex, data-heavy files, and yet at the same time, a wonderful challenge.

When not making a living in graphic arts, shooting art, or sleeping, I am hiking, kayaking, camping, swimming, or just enjoying nature.

The unclothed body is an amazing art form, so changeable with pose, light, mood, the energy of the day, and the relationship between the model and the photographer- so many variables, which make it challenging, yet possibly magical photography.

We live in a society where we are often discouraged from being "naked" to the world around us. We adorn ourselves with manufacturers logos, auto insignias, job titles, and the four walls we live in. These serve to define us, and I think on many levels we are satisfied and may prove welcoming of this definition. But,  is that who we really are?  What about our deeper selves-  our "naked" selves-  that which makes us weep with abandon, laugh out loud, or that which gives us the reason to rise each morning? What are our passions? What is it that make us vulnerable? Can we share these parts of us?

Obviously for the most part to be literally naked before the lens is to be vulnerable. I believe there is a truth inherent and unavoidable when we shed our clothes. It is my goal to capture and share the truth.

There have been many cultures who felt that the camera steals the soul. There may in fact be some truth in that depending on your definition. I have no intention of stealing someone's soul, but I do hope to get a tiny glimpse!

I believe that creating art comes through us - we are merely the vehicle. Sally Mann speaks of the magic of getting a good photograph as "a moment as fleeting as the touch of an angel's wing." And, Robert Doisneau said. "If I knew how to make a good photograph, I'd do it every time." Indeed, there is a risk when clicking the shutter that nothing of substance will happen, but when all becomes aligned - magic happens!

"Some are gifts to me from my children: gifts that come in a moment as fleeting as the touch of an angel’s wing. I pray for the angel to come to us when I set the camera up, knowing that there is not one good picture in five hot acres. We put ourselves into a state of grace we hope is deserving of reward, and it is a state of grace with the Angel of Chance."  -  Sally Mann


Photos by Andrew Grahem

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