Friday, June 16, 2017

Amazing Art

Trina Merry Body Paints People To Blend With New York City Architecture

With the human body acting as a living canvas, Brooklyn-based artist Trina Merry paints landscapes and scenes, which seamlessly merge into their surrounding urban environment..

New York City is the backdrop for Merry’s meticulously illustrated architectural structures and landmarks, which are carefully detailed onto the nude bodies of female models. the Brooklyn Bridge, Guggenheim Museum and Coney Island’s vibrantly colored entrance gates are a few of the sites that are camouflaged onto the human forms, blending them together as if they were one.

"My surface is living, breathing human beings, making this a highly relevant & immediate medium.’ merry describes ‘I use non-toxic hypoallergenic paint applied with a brush or airbrush. the painting is temporary, like a tibetan sand painting, beginning to change into another work as soon as I stop painting, changing texture & color."


Artist Crafts Architectural Costumes Mimicking Famous Buildings Around The World

French artist Pierre Kauffmann draws from the built environment in the making of these complex costumes, each mimicking an element of an architectural landmark. for almost 10 years, Kauffmann has been building wearable artworks that simulate fragments of famous faƧades, extraordinary edifices, and celebrated constructions. staging performances in situ beside each of the buildings, the artist’s ‘pika-monuments’ both amuse and amaze in the complexity of their craftsmanship, and their ability to make architecture more approachable.  


Hypnotic, Perspective-bending Body Art Film Brings Painted Portraits To Life

Artist Alexa Meade, widely acclaimed for her transformation of the 3-dimensional world into a 2-dimensional painting, has collaborated with two movement artists on a short film that acts in powerful protest to gun violence. written, directed, and choreographed by Jon Boogz, ‘color of reality’ stars a body-painted Jon Boogz and fellow dancer lil buck as they take in news of racial, political, and socioeconomic tension on TV before endeavoring outside to effect a positive change. Meade’s hand-painted body art exaggerates the artists’ movements as they maneuver across the screen, forming a surreal scene as a seemingly flat painting suddenly springs into life.

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