Sunday, June 4, 2017

Four New Poems

by Carmine Giordano

For the peahen 
the eyes 
of the peacock’s tail
iridescent barbules
rainbow braids
of mauve and indigo
may as well be
the eyes of god
something in her 
says this is the one
who will enter
this is the one
who will relay
the mystery
plant it deep 
inside of me
as you had thought
the arms that 
held you
held Promethean fire
would seed you 
pass you on 
make part of you
that now have
only me
loving you
complete and absolute
in time’s impermanent
flustering and
fluttering my tail

*                  *                 *

Single Tear  
by Lamar Cole

I remember the time we said goodbye.
A single tear fell from your eye.
My love was going away.
On a distant trip today.

Her nearness she knew I would surely miss.
Upon my head she placed a kiss.
Even though she left today.
Her heart never did go away.

Upon a TWA jet she flew.
Up in the sky so blue.
A love so true.
I could still feel her kiss as the wind blew

*                  *                 *

Tears - The Safety Valve Of The Heart

by Dr. Ram Mehta

A woman in rags with beautiful skin
Rusticity seen all over looking for a job 
To her the village sky was too small to win
She wanted to soar in a city sky to probe.

Moved to the city so many miles apart
With her husband & daughter with wishes.
After some years the life gave a good start, 
Her husband was attacked by paralysis

Lying in broken bed numb as a wound
Her salty tears deforming tiles of the premises
A life's funeral procession was on its round
The man who loved her tore her to pieces.

She was still a beauty, accepted another
He made her laugh till she was in tears all
To her soul tears were like summer shower
She was happy that tears were enthralled. 

As the time passed when her beauty doomed
Embellishing her neck and wrists with jewels
Used rouge, kohl and hair artfully combed
No semblance of the beauty with which she ruled

Heard the heavy steps on stairs in the night
Leading but to the bedroom of her daughter
Tears in eyes, heart torn, killed him with spite
Again cure for her was salty sweat and tears. 

*                  *                 *

Rust, Plastic, Global Warming, Terrorists And War   

by Paul Warren

If rust is a natural look
Why do we paint over it
If plastic is killing the sea
Why do we wrap our sandwiches up

If green house gases cause global warming
Why do world leaders argue against it
If we all want peace in a better world
Why are there terrorists and war

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