Friday, July 14, 2017

Pricasso: The Artist Who Paints With His Penis

Australian Tim Patch is an artist who uses his penis to paint. He has traded his paintbrush in for a tool that he always has on hand and has renamed himself “Pricasso”, a name deliberately reminiscing of Picasso. 
Pricasso uses his backside to paint in the backgrounds because (as he says) it would take too much time to use penis and it looks better. Pricasso takes his work on the road and appears at various sex trade shows, putting on live painting demonstrations for passersby. The truly funny part is that his work isn't half bad, I mean, considering what a limiting (and possibly limited?) tool he has to work with.
Patch has charmed art afficionados, sex positivity advocates, and celebrities alike with his performance art in his oversized pink top hat and bowtie as he paints portraits and other masterpieces on the spot with his penis, testes, and butt. He has painted the likenesses of politicians, Hollywood stars, adult entertainers, and iconic figures such as Michael Jackson, Pink, and Nelson Mandela all with the help of his penis.

His painted penis has seen a lot of artistic action not just in sexpos all over the world, but he and his talent have been hired for parties, showers, and other celebrations. “For the same cost of a stripper”, so he writes on his website, he will gladly paint a portrait for you and each of your guests, plus give you a DVD of the painting process for authenticity. Is your event located halfway ’round the world? No worries; just furnish him with a plane ticket, and he’ll be there, full of vim and vigor to paint you a masterpiece you will never forget.
His works of art are dearly sought by admirers and collectors alike. Astute buyers are encouraged to not only purchase the painting, but the video of the artistic process as well; the video serves as a mark of authenticity, and his art will be limited in number due to the equipment used. This will mean the paintings will appreciate in value, and the money will help Pricasso continue making his masterpieces. 
Pricasso and his penis work hard, and though his penis may indeed be the star of the show, he is a real artist.  “I use really smooth paper and I make my own paints,” he says. “But it does last about four days before I need about two weeks off… You need to re-grow the skin, basically.”
Works by Pricasso

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